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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine
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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine est un magazine américain qui est publié 6 fois par an. Le prix d’un abonnement annuel inclut la livraison en France et en Suisse.

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Kung Fu Tai Chi happens to be the best and most trusted magazine that celebrates the glory of Chinese martial arts culture. The magazine has just crossed the magnificent milestone of splendid 20 years of publication. This ultimate magazine has been delivering essential techniques and illustrations on the most ancient art forms of self defense. The ancient Chinese martial arts have always attracted all genres especially youngsters as the most versatile and effective way of self defense. Kung Fu Tai Chi has been persistently inspiring all the masses towards this art through their regular informative articles on Chinese martial philosophy, culture, training, self defense, healing, meditation, Buddhism, Taoism, Feng Shui and historical connects. Topics like power of Chinese tea, the sword identity and guard grip are more than rousing to follow the widely accepted and appreciated form of self defense. The magazine is the sturdiest of all the other related magazines as it synchronizes all the forms of Chinese martial arts and associated disciplines to spread awareness in the world. And for that purpose the magazine is printed in the commonly understood English language.

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