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The Magnolia Journal
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Abonnement annuel: 4 n° | Langue: Anglais | Pays d'origine: États-Unis
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The Magnolia Journal Abonnement



The American lifestyle magazine, Magnolia Journal is a quarterly publication by Chip and Joanna that makes you inspired throughout the journey of this unprecedented life. It tells how much worth being courage is, when things all around you changes. This inspiration magazine includes life and home décor ideas along with engaging stories to capture and overcome the sweet risks in your life. The Magnolia Journal is available in 4 issues per year. The frequencies of the number of issues are subjected to change. All the subscriptions will end automatically at the end of the subscribed period and will be renewed unless you choose to.


  • A guide for inspiration, self-care and good life.
  • Persuade you to refer each issue again and again.
  • Extensive home décor ideas to renovate your house.
  • Contains personal stories from people who inspire.
  • Includes stories, recipes, tips and other useful information that are essential for daily life.

The Magnolia Journal acheter en France et en Belgique.

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